Failed attempt

There is ALOT going on at the madhouse these days, and consequently, I have fallen behind. I was nearly there. I ALMOST had all the things done and was going to get the sleeve pattern made tonight and posted so that I could MAKE the sleeve and post that on Monday.

Alas, while I read through the instructions, I apparently did not comprehend them, as my sleeve pattern attempt has not worked out so well.



Since it was now dinner time, and I’ve had a rough week thanks to the chaos, I opted to call it quits and try again tomorrow.

But I’m not done…not quite yet. Had to write a blog post. Having successfully posted every day since March, I had to write SOMETHING. If nothing else to feed the compulsion to write. So here I am, and with nothing more specific to write on, I’m including my failed attempt at sleeve patterning. Which is no surprise to anyone who sews. Sleeves are the bane of the sewing world.

So what else is upcoming? There is the Downton Abbey movie at the end of September, which I’m attending with several friends. In costume of course. There is a planned photo shoot for some good quality, not spur of the moment lifted from video pictures of the Caftan Project garments. There is a tweed ride in October that I MIGHT have time to make jodhpurs for. And spats. Maybe. There is Reno Pop Culture Con in November, and after that the Winter in Wonderland weekend presented locally by High Desert Steam. Coming up after that is the holidays, with several holiday parties. Then 12th Night with the SCA, which we usually vend at.

So in addition to pattern making, I have plenty of actual sewing I need to get done in the coming weeks. So when my brain blinked in confusion over the sleeve pattern instructions, I shrugged, decided “Not today Satan,” and had a beer.

For tonight I relax. Tomorrow I sew.