Week 12: The Artist's Way

With week 12, we come to the end. Week 12 is Recovering a Sense of Faith. This chapter explores the spiritual nature of creativity. It brings it back to set your house in order to clear a path for creativity. Julia Cameron advises to write your fears out, and give them to God to take care of. Releasing worries to the Universe or God allows you to focus on creativity.

I did do my morning pages. Jury is still out if I will keep them going. No synchronicity this week, but again, wasn’t really looking. I did experience set backs going all the way back to week 2 with crazy makers. But I’m coming out of it as I decide just how much of myself I’m willing to invest to the situation. Turns out not much,

And my artist’s date also returned to the beginning, as I spent some leisurely time browsing book stores, trying to restore my zen after my crazymaking relative hijacked my happiness this week. Well, no one said life was easy. And it certainly isn’t easy sticking to an artist’s path.

Overall, this book does force some introspection. If you really work through the chapters and tasks as they are laid out, you will learn about you. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how much crazy you are willing to take, and when to walk away. You will learn to see the positive and see when life is falling in to place, as well as know when you are getting off track for creativity.

It’s been a ride. I may ride again before jumping in to the sequel. But that’s for a later project.