Adjusting Stitch Length

Where adjusting the stitch width affected zig zag stitches, the stitch length impacts straight stitches. The default setting on The Machine is 2.5 mm, meaning the machine will drop a stitch every 2.5 mm. Adjusting this up or down will shorten or lengthen the stitch length as needed. So if you’re going through really thick fabrics, you can lengthen stitch to almost a basting stitch. In a lighter fabric, it IS a basting stitch.

Alternatively, if you’re working on a very fine fabric, you can drop the stitch length. Important note: if the stitches are too short for the fabric in question, the fabric can bunch, potentially causing needle breakage. If you find the fabric bunching while stitching, adjust the stitch length accordingly before you resume stitching to prevent needle breakage.

And just as with the stitch width adjustment, you can save your preferred stitch length, so that this becomes the default stitch length until reset to 2.5 mm.