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Spray Adhesive: Round 1

So this one has sucked so far. Seriously. I thought it would come right out. I thought nothing could be worse than blood. I was wrong. The attempts so far have added up to 12 minute of video, which is too long to watch in one sitting. These were seriously meant to be small vignettes about look how clever I am , I removed “X” stain. Until suddenly, I can’t. Not yet. I WILL manage to get this one. Eventually.

But for now: The Challenge. First up, The Contender:

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Watermelon Juice

This was one of those accidental stains. I deliberately stained some Irish Shamrock habotai with spray adhesive, which I am still working on removing (stupid glue). But, due to reasons having to do with family and life, I currently have two teenagers living with me. Last Monday, they went to a party and returned with half a watermelon in a garbage bag. The watermelon was still good at that time so after sharing some with the happy parrots (those frequently heard in the background of our videos), the watermelon was left on the counter. For a week. In the garbage bag.

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Boiled Without Soap

When I wash silk in the machine, there is no real color change. There is slight color loss as the excess dye washes out, but to the naked eye, there’s no real difference in color.. But when I boiled silk with soap and baking soda, there was drastic color loss. So I started wondering: was the color loss from the soap? Or from sustained exposure to boiling water?

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RIT Color Dye Remover

Since I boiled silk last week with the surprising result of extreme color removal, this week I went with the more traditional route of RIT Color Dye Remover. Now, the packaging says it’s good for cotton, linen, wool, rayon…everything but Silk. To be fair, it does not specifically say DON’T use on Silk. So I tried it on Silk.

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Care and Feeding recap

Also suggested, but not yet done, are coffee. Coffee with milk.  Red wine and white wine.  Tea, cocoa, chocolate, and soda. Mud, baby food, spit up (there is a story behind that one), sunscreen with avobenzen (which causes discoloration on fabric), vinegar, salad oil, dog slobber, bug spray, mascara, foundation, grass, condiments, sweat stains. And I am always willing to try more, just drop us a comment, and we’ll throw it on the list.

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Marinara Sauce

I had decided to try the pizza sauce stain so I cut out the scrap I wanted to try it on, went in to the kitchen to get some pizza, and my boyfriend was dipping bread sticks in marinara sauce.  I went "Oh, marinara sauce will work!" and stuck my finger in the sauce, scooping out a whopping chunk of it.  He looked at me like "I...I was totally going to dip my bread stick in that..." hung his head in defeat, and looked at the microwave while it finished heating his pizza.

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