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I think I mention cosplay as an option for silk in every product description.  And I'll admit to a bit of bias there.  I mean...I SELL silk.  Of course I think it's perfect for cosplay.  But seriously, lycra gets all the love in the Cos-community, probably because of the eye popping, hip hugging, curve loving choices available to cosplay as.  And Lycra is outstanding for curve hugging.  But it doesn't breathe well, and after hours on a convention floor, you sweat.  And even the strongest deodorant will leave you with body stank after being trapped in non-breathable lycra all day.

Know what does breathe well?  Silk

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On Failure

Failure is very much a state of mind.  You can let life's set backs hold you down, you can rail and scream about what went wrong.  Or you can acknowledge it happened, dust yourself off, and move forward with plan b....c...d...and plan e.  However many plans it takes for you to reach your personal definition of success.  You're only a failure when you quit trying.

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Fools Rush In

So, having received my first shipment, and knowing that making garments of my product was one of the easiest ways to market my silk, I jumped in, eyes shut, and picked my pattern.  Let me say, it was foolish to wait so long.  Facebook pages and sewing groups have people still commenting on silk's delicacy, and how hard silk is to work with.  Nope on delicacy.  

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