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A Review: 5000 Years of Chinese Costumes

the most interesting picture I found was on page 120, where there was a photograph of an extant garment.  Labeled as being from Huang Shen's tomb of Southern Song in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, the garment is an Over-dress made from crepe fabric.  Now, in my post on Crepe de Chine, I had said the earliest reference I was able to find to Crepe de Chine was from the 19th century in France. I should have waited to write the Crepe de Chine post.  The Song Dynasty was from 960 to 1279 CE.  

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A Review: China Chic: East Meets West

“People from all over favor Suzhou clothing, and so Suzhou artisan’s work even harder at making them….This drives the extravagance of Suzhou style to even greater extravagance, so how is it possible to lead those who follow the Suzhou fashion back to sensible economy?”

Apparently, Suzhou was to 16th Century China as Paris was to 20th Century Euro-America.

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