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Intro: The Stand Pocket

The stand pocket is where WILD starts the chapter on pockets. And the directions start out contradictory, saying that “as a rule” stand pockets are found on jacket breasts, but then immediately Mary Brooks Pickens talks about stand pockets on skirts too.

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The One Hour Dress

I am deviating a bit from WILD today to bring you The One Hour Dress. Mary Brooks Pickens, author of The Women’s Institute Library for Dressmaking ALSO created three booklets called The One Hour Dress, with each booklet containing multiple variations and how-to’s on the cut and construction to get different garments from the same basic principle, all of which could be constructed in one hour. And she used to demonstrate this one hour constructions live at carnivals and shopping centers, to show how easy it was to construct a new frock in a limited amount of time.

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Lover's Knot

UGH! This one was a touch tricky. Mary Brooks Pickens doesn’t think so, stating “…it can be tied with ease.” It was not tied with ease. Although I am fully willing to admit that this would probably have been easier if I had used cotton cord with a little grip rather than nylon cording which slid all over the place. Now, to the knot.

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