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Can Boiled Linseed Oil be washed?

No, boiled linseed oil cannot be washed out of fabric. This is a permanent treatment. Be very sure you want that garment treated in this fashion before ever applying it. Next week, I’ll see if boiled linseed can be washed out if the cleaning attempt occurs IMMEDIATELY after contact. But if it’s a set in stain, then it’s definitely permanent.

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Boiled Linseed Oil

Instructions call for two coats of boiled linseed, so after putting the first coat on, I let it dry a few hours and applied the second coat. Then I let it dry for a solid 24 hours before testing water proofing. And I found that while it was water resistant, and water did bead up at first, the more water sprinkled on the fabric, and finger pressure applied from the back

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Spray Adhesive: Round 5

Web Bond TA 101 is a solid product. When used as directed, sprayed from a distance of 10” to 12”, there have been no reported problems that I could find. In fact, every review I found was a positive, glowing, where have you been all my life, type review. So I revisited how I’ve been using it. Notice above where I quoted the directions as being hold can 10” to 12” away from item to be sprayed? If you go back over my video sequence, you’ll see I’m holding the can considerably closer to the fabric. Like 2” to 3” from the fabric. A lot of difference 8” can make.

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Spray Adhesive: Round 1

So this one has sucked so far. Seriously. I thought it would come right out. I thought nothing could be worse than blood. I was wrong. The attempts so far have added up to 12 minute of video, which is too long to watch in one sitting. These were seriously meant to be small vignettes about look how clever I am , I removed “X” stain. Until suddenly, I can’t. Not yet. I WILL manage to get this one. Eventually.

But for now: The Challenge. First up, The Contender:

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