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A Review: China Chic: East Meets West

“People from all over favor Suzhou clothing, and so Suzhou artisan’s work even harder at making them….This drives the extravagance of Suzhou style to even greater extravagance, so how is it possible to lead those who follow the Suzhou fashion back to sensible economy?”

Apparently, Suzhou was to 16th Century China as Paris was to 20th Century Euro-America.

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A Review: The Art of Dressing Curves

This is a book that hit my radar through Facebook. Not an advertising page, but specifically through the group Curvy Sewing Collective Community. Being all curves myself, I LOVE this group of completely supportive sewing enthusiasts. One of the ladies in the group said that The Art of Dressing Curves by stylist Susan Moses was one of her go to style guides. So of course I had to have it.

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