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Care and Feeding recap

Also suggested, but not yet done, are coffee. Coffee with milk.  Red wine and white wine.  Tea, cocoa, chocolate, and soda. Mud, baby food, spit up (there is a story behind that one), sunscreen with avobenzen (which causes discoloration on fabric), vinegar, salad oil, dog slobber, bug spray, mascara, foundation, grass, condiments, sweat stains. And I am always willing to try more, just drop us a comment, and we’ll throw it on the list.

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Marinara Sauce

I had decided to try the pizza sauce stain so I cut out the scrap I wanted to try it on, went in to the kitchen to get some pizza, and my boyfriend was dipping bread sticks in marinara sauce.  I went "Oh, marinara sauce will work!" and stuck my finger in the sauce, scooping out a whopping chunk of it.  He looked at me like "I...I was totally going to dip my bread stick in that..." hung his head in defeat, and looked at the microwave while it finished heating his pizza.

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