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How to Make a Turkish Entari

Using the same Caftan pattern we’ve been working with, here are the adjustments needed to craft a Turkish Entari. First some measurements. Generally speaking, Entari are open robe garments. So the first measurement is the neck depth. From the shoulder to the cleavage, determine what depth you are comfortable with.

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Tapering the Sleeve

Drafting the pattern for the tapered sleeve on the caftan is all about determining where to start the taper. Hint: NOT at the shoulder. Don't forget to include ease to get over your hand, but from there, it's pretty straightforward.

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Order of Construction

Assembling the caftan is done in five steps. 1. Attach gusset to gore. 2. Attach gore/gusset combinations to sleeves. 3. Attach sleeve/gore/gusset combination to body of caftan. 4. Sew up the sides. 5. Hem sleeves and tunic. That's it! Silk for this project can be found at

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