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Mock Up

A mock up is a test garment of your intended pattern. Now, generally, I prefer a working mock up, aka a working toile. This means I make the garment in question out of a fabric I don’t hate, and if I like the end results and not too much tweaking is needed, I have TWO working garments, the first being my test garment, the second being out of the fashion fabric.

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Tapering the Sleeve

Drafting the pattern for the tapered sleeve on the caftan is all about determining where to start the taper. Hint: NOT at the shoulder. Don't forget to include ease to get over your hand, but from there, it's pretty straightforward.

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Order of Construction

Assembling the caftan is done in five steps. 1. Attach gusset to gore. 2. Attach gore/gusset combinations to sleeves. 3. Attach sleeve/gore/gusset combination to body of caftan. 4. Sew up the sides. 5. Hem sleeves and tunic. That's it! Silk for this project can be found at

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