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A Review: The Witch

I don't typically plan to do movie reviews here, but having hit on two of my passions, historical costuming and the history of witchcraft, I sort of feel compelled to write out my thoughts post-screening.

I went in to this movie knowing two things.

  1. According to, The Church of Satan gave The Witch it's endorsement

  2. Stephen King said it "Scared the hell out of me."

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Pattern Review: Simplicity 8707

Rounding out my sewing for Downton Abbey movie was an overdress. Now, this is not a garment strictly needed for fashion, but as September has been temperamental weather wise, I thought an over garment of some sort to go with the Baltimore Dress might be in order.

So I dug through my pattern stash looking for the easiest possible garment to construct that would work with a 1920’s styling. And I found Simplicity 8707.

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Week 12: The Artist's Way

Overall, this book does force some introspection. If you really work through the chapters and tasks as they are laid out, you will learn about you. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how much crazy you are willing to take, and when to walk away. You will learn to see the positive and see when life is falling in to place, as well as know when you are getting off track for creativity.

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