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Intro: The Stand Pocket

The stand pocket is where WILD starts the chapter on pockets. And the directions start out contradictory, saying that “as a rule” stand pockets are found on jacket breasts, but then immediately Mary Brooks Pickens talks about stand pockets on skirts too.

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Adjusting Stitch Width

But on a zig-zag stitch, adjusting the stitch width will effect the width of the zig-zag. Default is 3.5mm, but the width can be dropped to 0, effectively making it a straight stitch, or upped all the way to 7mm, making it almost a basting zig-zag stitch. All of these adjustments are from the sewing/stitch select screen.

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Sewing Lightweight Fabrics

The biggest challenge with lightweight fabrics is that it is too easy for the needle to push the fabric down under the throat plate. And if this happens, you have to stop everything and remove the throat plate, or risk tearing the fabric. However, there is a VERY simple fix to this.

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