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Splitting the Shoulder Dart

Basically, extend the shoulder dart to your horizontal balance line (HBL) that runs from center back to armscye. Pick a point in the neckline and extend a line from the neckline to where the dart meets the HBL. Cut out the dart, then slash the neck line and HBL from armscye to but not through where the dart point meets the HBL. Close the shoulder dart and the dart excess will be transferred equally to the armscye and neckline.

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Reworking the schedule.--again

I really want to GET pattern making. There are so many things I want to make that there are no patterns for (that I know of…to be fair, it’s entirely possible I just haven’t been exposed the right pattern maker yet). So I’m reworking my blog posting schedule so that rather than running ahead with the lessons and having to back track the posting, I’m posting in line with what I’m learning.

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Pattern Review: Simplicity 8707

Rounding out my sewing for Downton Abbey movie was an overdress. Now, this is not a garment strictly needed for fashion, but as September has been temperamental weather wise, I thought an over garment of some sort to go with the Baltimore Dress might be in order.

So I dug through my pattern stash looking for the easiest possible garment to construct that would work with a 1920’s styling. And I found Simplicity 8707.

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