Amethyst Glass Silk Satin

Amethyst Glass Silk Satin


Amethyst Glass Silk Satin is 152 cm wide, approximately 60″, 16MM weight.

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Made of a light-weight 16MM silk satin, Amethyst Glass Silk Satin is elegantly draped and reminiscent of Byzantine elegance or Cathedral stained glass, making the design beautifully reflective of Medieval fashions or Victorian Oriental fashion design.  Use it in Cosplay, SCA costumes, Costume College, or even Victorian dress, or for whatever your imagination can dream up!

From a time when Silk was literally worth its weight in gold, Amethyst Glass is 152 cm wide, approximately 60" wide, and is a light weight 16 MM, perfect for 12th Century Blauit, Ottoman robes, or Victorian Haute Couture.  Be Advised--silk satin is a naturally very languid fabric, with not a lot of starch.  If using for skirts from the structured Victorian Era, Damask Raven highly recommends flat lining with Silk Organza to obtain the perfect crispness in your silk skirts.  If using for Byzantine or Medieval fashions, let drape naturally, as this buttery soft fabric drapes elegantly of its own volition.