Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Cream


Strawberry Cream Silk Taffeta is 137 cm wide, approximately 54″, 19MM weight.

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This Strawberry Cream one inch striped silk is perfect for Polonaise or Round Gowns in the 18th century or Victorian Ball Gowns or tea dresses in the 19th century, Strawberry Cream Silk Taffeta is gorgeously crisp and rustles magnificently…as Silk Taffeta should!

Damask Raven specializes in period appropriate silks for all your costuming wants and needs.  Stripes have been a popular Leit Motif in both the 18th and 19th centuries, and well in to the 20th century.  Strawberry Cream is a striped design, each stripe one inch across, in alternating strawberry and cream color bars.